ICRA 2018 Robots & Art Program

Creative Compliance

Call for Participation

Robotic art draws inspiration from advances in science and technology including biology, physics, material science, engineering and computer science. Interest in machines and technologies with natural or compliant movement has led to innovative strategies for replacing rigid, hard materials with soft, compliant materials, creating a new class of machines.  Soft materials allow for deformable bodies, and expand the range and qualities of robot motion and tangible interfaces. The advantageous of soft robotic systems are manifold as automated robots move outside of research labs and into closer contact with humans.


Following the success of past Robots and Art workshops (HRI 2010, ICRA 2011, ICSR 2014, IROS 2016, IROS 2017), this hands-on workshop brings together artists, engineers, and designers from the art world and creative industries working with soft bodies, flexible and supple materials, and soft robots.  The workshop is organized around the theme of “Creative Compliance” with the goal of highlighting the innovative and creative contributions of artists to the topic of compliance and interactivity.


Artists working with soft materials, sensing, and computation produce novel ways of working with materials to achieve compliance: they leverage the natural compliance of materials to achieve creative designs and techniques for controlling lightweight and flexible systems. Artists such as Chico MacMurtrie, Stelarc, Patricia Piccinini, Ken Rinaldo, Doo Sung Yoo, and Roxy Paine work with physical systems, light-weight machines, synthetic materials, and soft bodies to radically expand the possibilities for sculpture and interactivity in art.  Robotic art prompts viewers to adopt new perspectives on scientific discoveries and stimulates critical thinking about how these technologies transform society.


The full day FORUM will comprise 2 hands-on workshops:

  • Workshop on soft robotics and actuation led by Jonas Jørgensen (Robots, Evolution and Art Lab, IT University of Copenhagen)
  • Creative compliance – movement workshop (TBC)